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Welcome to Projonmo

Welcome to Projonmo, a non-profit organization for Bangladeshies in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Toronto based organization Projonmo was founded by a group of talented individuals from Bangladesh in October, 2005. Projonmo's members are mostly younger generation of Bangladeshies growing up or living for a long time in this north American country.

The primary reason for forming this organization was to create, nourish and motivate people who were willing to contribute towards our diversified culture and community. The focus people could be mostly Bangladeshies, however, may also be non-Bangladeshies related to a Bangladeshi or simply non-Bangladeshi individuals with extreme interest in Bangladesh culture. Projonmo's projection is to bring forth our enriched culture into the Canadian mainstream.

If you do not have any cultural talent you are still welcome to join Projonmo. Members contributions do not strictly have to be cultural, it may very well be a showcase of support to our cause. If you are a Bangladeshi living or frowing up in Toronoto, you are very welcome to join Projonmo and share your thoughts. Give us a chance to get to know you, in return take anything from us if you will that we can contribute towards your mental enhancement.

Our aim is to perform something distinctive from ordinary and to show our talent through creativity. Through guided training, Projonmo aims for an ideal integration of musical, theatrical and recreational activities. Although the group is currently run by quite a number of trained professionals, Projonmo gladly welcomes any individual who is interested in joining us in our adventurous journey because we believe the talent is within you and Itís only a matter of time befor it's revealed.

Now, a word about web design. Web Design is not about only arranging the text and images together. Web design is the art from where we have to use the same elements e.g. text and images for the world class User Interface (UI) Design. Web Design Toronto (one of our sponsors) team always follows a Web Design Checklist before designing website for clients. They make sure the sites have easy navigational structures, corporate colours utilization, browser safe colors, CSS style sheet based formatting, web design consistency, web page dimension planning, web site page length and content analysis, web design grids for graphics and text placement, page headers and footers content analysis, analysis of using tables or div, cross-platform compatibility testing, best font faces utilization planning, best typographical approach.

projonmo news
Shopon bhai was unable to make it to the meeting and therefore, the publication briefing that was supposed to be held as mentioned in the agenda, could not take place. Rifat took the floor instead. Welcomed everyone after the new years, including a few new members that include Nizam and Tanveer bhai. The finalised logo for Projonmo (as posted on the forum before under the topic "First meeting of 200
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Tel: 416-888-0986

  ks AT projonmo DOT ca
Tel: 416-888-0986
  sd AT projonmo DOT ca
Tel: 416-720-2809
  rt AT projonmo DOT ca
Tel: 416-836-1911
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